Meta-Janus Capital Net Limited is an innovator in the growing alternative investments market dedicated to providing private and professional investors access to the skills of top-notch fund managers packaged in a wide range of off-the-rack product structures and customised solutions. Our fund managers provide depth to our core portfolios. They utilise a broad selection of alternative investment styles and strategies, trading in their professional asset classes on global markets and exchanges.

Meta-Janus Capital’s financial muscle allows the firm to continue exploring new markets and developing innovative strategies which will ultimately translate into even better investment options in years to come.

Through its network of first-class investment managers, Meta-Janus offers investors access to products across a variety of alternative investment styles and strategies and specially tailored investment solutions for institutional clients. Products are constructed and managed by our management team that has the freedom to pursue their own proprietary investment strategies and philosophies. These managers have strengths in a range of alternative asset classes, including hedge funds, leveraged finance and convertible bonds.

Why Meta-Janus?

Wealth Management

Take advantage of full service investment advisement and brokerage services worldwide


Access attractive investments safely and securely online

Easy & Convenient

Seamlessly transfer funds to our network of partner banks across Asia from the comfort of your own home

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